Mid century modern china hutch

Good Afternoon to you all so about a month ago I got a call from a client that wanted a Mid century modern china hutch. I got all the info I needed to design the paper work got signed and off I went. I will be constructing it out of maple it has some curved drawer fronts so that is where I started.


After gluing them up in the form they turned out rather well so then I started with the lower part of the china hutch joining maple to make the bottom and sides of the cabinet. I then made the stretchers for the drawers using the drawer front to create the same curve of the drawer. Then glued all the components together  the drawer. then glued all the components together.  

    Then the next part of the process is to make drawers and glue them together. So I started with cutting the sides and back and creating the grooves for the bottom and a grove to make a slide for the drawer to fit in. Then I started the hand cut dovetails.  

dovetailed drawers

After that has been accomplished I glue them together and start checking the fit . 





I then make doors and legs for the case and create the top assemble every thing  and I am ready for a final sanding. 



so the final sanding and finish is done.I added lights and I m now just waiting on glass and hardware.